ErgoHack VIII: Meet the Judges

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June 5, 2024

ErgoHack VIII: Ergo as a Smart Layer has just ended, and we have 9 submissions for our judges to evaluate! This iteration of Ergo’s popular hackathon saw participants explore the various ways in which Ergo can augment the functionality and versatility of Bitcoin.

ErgoHack VIII Adjudication

During this ErgoHack, contestants had the opportunity to present their work to some of the most innovative and creative minds in the crypto space. Now, as they deliberate, judges will consider the following criteria to make their final decisions:

  • Innovation and originality
  • Technical execution and code quality
  • User experience and design
  • Potential impact on the Ergo ecosystem
  • Alignment with the theme of integrating Bitcoin

At the end of the adjudication process, the judges will select three winners, and they will each receive a portion of the prize pool. Winners will earn a share of 18k SigUSD as well as several other big prizes.

1st Prize - 9k SigUSD
2nd Prize - 5k SigUSD
3rd Prize - 4k SigUSD

Additional Prizes

  • 100k RSN tokens to be distributed at the judges’ perogative
  • Nervos CKB sponsored prizes of 1000 CKB for a project that Developed a Lending Protocol on a UTXO-Based Chain
  • 8462 ERG from kushti's raffle awarded to the project that wins the community vote


Mark Glasgow, Ergo Foundation

Mark is an Ergo Foundation member and works across various roles in Ergo. As a Computing Science graduate with a personal passion for improving inclusive systems, he is also the Technical Director for Disabled Students UK CIC - a non-profit that was named as one of the most influential disability-led organizations in the UK.

Alex Slesarenko AKA morphic, Ergo Foundation

Alex Slesarenko (morphic) is an ERGO Foundation Board Member and graduate of Applied Mathematics from Udmurt State University. He has extensive experience in software development as a team leader, architect and researcher. He worked as Team Leader at Huawei Research Lab, focusing on developing languages and compilers for high-performance big data processing. Alexander is a Blockchain Core Developer and Lead Developer of ErgoScript at ERGO.


Error404 has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Liverpool, specializing in Ontology and Creative Design. They are a contributor to the open-source HTML5 player McCree. Currently, they serve as a Developer Relations (DevRel) expert at Nervos Network, dedicated to building and promoting the developer community and ecosystem for that blockchain platform.


Rustinmyeye is a member of Ergo's Sigmanauts community. They have been actively learning to code since discovering Ergo. Passionate about Ergo and its community, rustinmyeye is inspired to construct apps and/or docs that empower average users and solve problems they encounter while interacting with the Ergo blockchain.

ErgoHack VIII Announcements

Stay tuned to Ergo’s social media channels to stay up-to-date on Ergo as well as ErgoHack VIII’s announcement of the prize winners!

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