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November 29, 2023

Last month, the Ergo Foundation held the latest hackathon in their series of ErgoHacks. ErgoHack VII: The Future of Finance, encouraged applicants to design new tools and products with a particular focus on useful and powerful financial tools as well as increased adoption of the Ergo blockchain and ecosystem.

All of the applicants submitted excellent proposals, and the innovative ideas developers put forth is a testament to the consistently high level of unique innovations the Ergo community has come to expect from the ecosystem. After much deliberation and careful consideration, the ErgoHack jury of judges have made their decisions, and in tandem with votes held by the Ergo community, the following projects were selected as ErgoHack VII prize winners:

1st Place and 9000 SigUSD: Analog Atomic Swap Market
2nd Place and 5000 SigUSD: Hodlbox
3rd Place and 4000 SigUSD: Ergo Poor Man’s Wallet
Special Prize for New Wallet Integration and 400 ERG: Metamask Integration

Analog Atomic Swap Market

Community developer, Analog Ergo (Deathgripson), submitted a proposal to implement an atomic swap web interface on Ergo. The inspiration behind Analog Atomic Swap Market is to offer a platform for cross-chain atomic swaps. It is a cryptographic protocol that will enable multiple parties to execute exchanges without trusting each other, relying on off-chain and on-chain scripting conditions. For more information, interested parties are encouraged to explore this project’s GitHub.


Hodlbox is an open source dApp offering a new avenue for gamification in the Ergo ecosystem. It is a decentralized DeFi game whereby users deposit $ERG in a hodlbox. Once deposited, it is then locked for a period of time, forcing the participant to hold their $ERG long term. The inspiration for this game is as obvious as it seems: storing $ERG long term. The gaming aspect contains variables that discourage participants from selling early. By interacting with this game, users will pay a nominal fee of 1%.

Ergo Poor Man’s Wallet

The Ergo Poors Man's Wallet (EPMW) project is a simple, DIY, low-cost hardware wallet for [the] Ergo cryptocurrency, which was created during ErgoHack VII hackathon from the Ergo Hackathon series in October 2023. The wallet is designed to be affordable, with a total cost of around $10, including shipping cost of components to Europe.” This wallet will offer a new budget friendly option for those who do not want to use a Ledger or other cold storage options.

Metamask Integration

Ergo developer, Captain Nemo, and the Nautilus wallet team have implemented Metamask integration on Ergo. Using the following video, users can learn how to integrate their Ergo wallet with Metamask. This is a significant milestone because it allows users from other ecosystems to access their $ERG in this popular mainstream wallet. The Nautilus team hopes that this new route of access will make it much easier for people to perform tasks like atomic swaps as well as simplify bridge integration with different blockchains.

Even though these particular projects are receiving prizes, all of the participants presented worthy proposals for consideration. The Ergo community raffle raised 1000 ERG as a community prize, and 400 ERG of that amount is being paid to the Metamask Integration project as the prize. However, the remaining funds (600 ERG) are going to be evenly dispersed amongst the other ErgoHack VII participants that did not receive a prize. If you missed previous ErgoHack VII updates, or are new to Ergo, you can read all about ErgoHack VII’s contestants in the Ergo Foundation blog.

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